Installation & Repair of Quality Tires in Maryville, IL

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Our selection features competitively priced tires from the industry’s top brands:

Ralph & Sons Automotive is here for you if you need your vehicle’s tires replaced or fixed; we even do your flat tire repair. If you are in the market for tires, let us professionally install your high-quality tires from top brands and the result will be a more enjoyable and smoother ride. You can trust your friends at Ralph’s to provide comprehensive tire services, including repair, installation, alignment, and balance to ensure that you are maximizing your safety and performance. We are a proud supplier of Bridgestone tires.

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Precision Wheel Alignments in Maryville, IL

Many manufacturers advise you to have your wheel alignment checked every 10,000 miles or if you have recently been in a collision. At Ralph & Sons Automotive, our technicians adjust the angle of your vehicle’s wheels to the recommended position specified by your manufacturer. Our wheel alignment service includes a tire tread check and an inspection of your toe, camber, and caster, the three components of measuring your wheel orientation.

Wheel Alignment Collinsville Illinois

Tire Balancing & Rotating Service

Ralph & Sons Automotive recommends routine tire balancing to increase the life of your tires every 5,000 miles. This ensures that your vehicle will drive smoothly and assures even tire wear due to adjusting the weight distribution around your vehicle.

Tire Rotation Collinsville Illinois

Our tire balancing is done by an ASE-certified technician, who tests your non-moving/static balance and your moving/dynamic balance with a calibrated spin balancer. Tires are then restored to the proper balance with respect to the test results. Normally, tire balancing and tire rotation are done together, and Ralph & Sons Automotive is more than happy to be of service.

Whether you need your tires replaced, repaired, installed, or balanced – our technicians at Ralph & Sons Automotive are more than qualified for the task. We have been providing quality solutions for the residents of Maryville and Collinsville Illinois for all their tire needs, and we are always striving to be better!

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independent tire dealer maryville il
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