• Are you getting ready to head out on a road trip, but you are nervous about whether your vehicle can handle it? Or is it already too late and your plans have been canceled because your car needs extensive repair? Regardless if it is a minor oil change or a car battery replacement, your friends at Ralph & Sons Automotive are committed to getting your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

    Our auto shop offers a wide range of general auto repair services, and we are more than happy to attend to your vehicle with one of our ASE-certified technicians. Let us restore your car’s life with our reliable auto repair services.

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  • Automotive Tune-Up Service

    The best way to fight the depreciation value of your truck, SUV or car is through automotive maintenance. Also referred to as “tune-ups” these are your vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended service schedule to best prolong your vehicles life and increase its performance. At Ralph & Sons Automotive we provide automotive tune-ups to prevent an assortment of different major failures from happening.

  • Signs You Need A Tune-Up

    • Your check engine light comes on.
    • A decrease in vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.
    • Braking or turning is unresponsive.
    • Loud squeaking coming from your engine compartment.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to perform a comprehensive tune-up services package to best ensure your car, truck or SUV is reaching its peak performance levels. Some of our maintenance services include:

    • Replace your spark plugs.
    • Replace your fuel filter replacement that prevents particles and debris from entering your gasoline.
    • Brake pad and rotor replacement
    • A transmission fluid flush
    • Fuel Systems, Coils, Injectors & More
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  • Auto AC & Heater Repair in the Maryville Illinois Area

  • Your car’s a/c and heating system need the proper love and attention, and in return, they will provide a cooling comfort in the summertime and a wonderful warm atmosphere during the blizzards. However, if neglected, your air conditioning can dry out and crack and your heater can build up clogs or have leaky valves.

    The best way to avoid these problems is with love and attention. Preventative maintenance services (which we offer) are a great way to minimize these damages from happening. However, if they do happen, your local professionals at Ralph & Sons Automotive are more than up for the task. Whether it is your compressor or your expansion valve – we will have your car’s a/c and heating system repaired efficiently and timely.

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  • Brake Service

    Brakes are one of the most important safety features for your car, truck or SUV – and it is important that they are in working order. Brakes, like almost everything, are designed to wear out over time. Your brake pads rub against your brake discs – so generally, brake pads are the first to inspect. Brake pad replacement is by far, the number one service for brake repair.

    At Ralph & Sons Automotive we provide a 23-point inspection, including a comprehensive vehicle check, from your brake system to your struts and suspensions. Our brake assessment includes:

    • Measurement of your brake pad thickness
    • Inspect your brake fluid levels and leaks
    • Inspect your rotors and drums condition
    • Check your wheel cylinders for function
    • Inspect your brake hardware for deterioration
    • Inspect your brake hoses to see if they have begun to wear out
  • Upon completion of your vehicle inspection, Ralph & Sons Automotive is always ready to dive into your brake repair services if needed. We help replace any defective part of your braking system including pads, rotors, hoses, and cylinders, provide a fluid flush and more.

    If you are looking for professional and ASE-certified technicians to handle your brake repair – look no further than Ralph & Sons Automotive.

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  • Comprehensive Computer Diagnostics Include:

    • Check Engine light: Thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to be a car expert in order to identify a problem with your vehicle. Nowadays, a check engine light pops up with common problems associated with your vehicle’s engine and other driving components. A check engine light on your vehicle’s dashboard isn’t the end of the world. It could mean something minor like a loose gas cap or perhaps it calls for a solenoid replacement.
    • Computer: Your car’s computer monitors its engine and transmission operations with different sensors including idle speeds, fuel injectors, and spark plugs. An auto diagnostic test helps identify any potential damage in these components.
    • Drivability & Performance: A computer diagnostic test also checks for the way your vehicle rides and if anything is hindering its performance on the road. If there are problems with your vehicle being able to drive smoothly, a light will appear on your dashboard informing you to make the necessary repairs.
    • Engine Controls: Your engine controls have hardware and software components, and their primary roles are to regulate your exhaust emissions and help increase your fuel economy.
  • Failed Your Emissions Test? We Make the Necessary Repairs!

  • Vehicle emissions tests are an important component of driving, especially given that automobiles are a leading source of air pollution. The purpose of an emissions test is to ensure that your vehicle isn’t producing toxic gases above a certain limit, this helps improve air quality and reduce negative environmental impact. While emissions tests are important, sometimes, failure happens. Don’t fret, instead, contact your local mechanic for the necessary repairs. For the most part, failed emissions tests can be a result of a rich air-fuel mixture, worn spark plugs or a leaking gas cap. Whatever the case, Ralph & Sons Automotive can repair and restore your vehicle, preparing it for a passing grade on its next emissions test.

  • Steering and Suspension Repairs

    Your vehicle’s suspension system helps you maintain control of your car when you’re on the road. If your vehicle is swaying when it turns or nose-diving when you apply the brakes; it may be time to have your suspension system looked at.

  • At Ralph & Sons Automotive, we provide quality and ASE-certified repair and replacement for your steering and suspension systems, including struts and shocks. Our professional opinion is to have your suspension system replaced (or at least inspected) after every 50,000 miles, this helps ensure that your suspension system is function properly.

  • Your vehicle’s suspension system manages your vehicle’s road handling and provides safety for your vehicle (and you and your passengers) as it maneuvers on the road and minimizes bumps, vibrations and noise. Your vehicle’s suspension system could be damaged, and it may not be visually noticeable, don’t hesitate to stop by Ralph & Sons Automotive for a vehicle inspection to ensure your steering and suspension is performing at its maximum capabilities.

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